Topcon LS-B100 & LS-B110

Topcon LS-B100 & LS-B110


Topcon's LS-B100 / 110 series features advanced technology, value-priced laser receivers for multiple machine applications. All LS-B100 / 110 receivers benefit from simple, secure mechanical mounting, 360° beam detection, adjustable on-grade accuracy, multiple battery options, robust water and dust proof cast construction, and bright multi-color LED displays.

Features & Benefits:

  • Large working range
  • 360° detection
  • Rugged, waterproof design
  • Wireless & CAN compatible
  • On-grade matching
  • Plumb / Tilt indication
  • Universal pole clamp


A great value Laser Sensor for your earth moving machines. The LS-B100 is Quick to set up and easy to use, this affordable depth control sensor can be mounted to your machine and working immediately. This unit features Accuracy Mode and Battery Life Indicator. Additionally it has a Power Save/Auto Cut Off function to save your battery life. The LS-B100 is a low-cost grade indicator that improves the productivity of any operator.


With the addition of Slope and Plumb Indicators, your grades and excavations are more accurate than ever with Topcon's LS-B110. Additionally the new LS-B 110 enables you to offset the "on-grade” position with one touch, giving you an even greater working range. Compatibility with Topcon's Control Boxes means that your earth moving equipment can also be used in "automatic" mode to hydraulically control the elevation and/or the slope of the cutting edge.